About Us

Tara Handicraft first began taking form during a trip to India in 2016, while the couple was visiting Vinay’s family.  Shopping the local markets, it was hard not to be struck by the work of artisans handcrafting beautiful pieces; from pure silk saris to essential oils.  Nature itself seemed to be preserved in them.  Inspiration grew to share these global treasures.

Through working closely with Vinay’s family in India, the couple presented Tara Handicrafts first product line in July 2017: pure copper drinking vessels.  Carly’s love and knowledge of ayurvedic medicine inspired this choice.

Tara Handicraft products are proudly handcrafted and hand selected by Vinay’s family in India.  We are committed to selling quality products made with pure materials.  We value the artisans creating these products and strive to support those involved with fair wages.   

Thank you for supporting our small family business.  We’d love to hear from you!